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By default, the footer of your website will automatically showcase the title and description you've entered into Ghost's Admin, a choice that also influences SEO. However, FineBits gives you the creative freedom to tailor these elements specifically for the footer, without altering their appearance elsewhere on your site. Simply input your preferred Footer title and Footer description in the relevant fields, and these will replace the default settings from Ghost's Admin, making your footer truly your own.

Integrating your social media profiles into your Ghost site not only enhances your content's visibility but also enriches the experience with structured data and visually appealing previews, specifically when you add your Facebook and Twitter usernames. To do this, simply visit Settings → Social accounts → Edit in your dashboard.

The FineBits theme, by default, showcases these accounts in your site's footer, offering a one-click pathway to your social profiles. However, if a cleaner footer is what you're after, you have the flexibility to hide these links entirely by disabling the Footer social media links option. If you prefer a more comprehensive social presence, keep the setting active and you can also include your LinkedIn and Instagram as well, making your site a hub for all your social engagements.

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