🌑Dark theme

FineBits offers two fantastic themes: light and dark. Each theme is designed to provide an optimal viewing experience tailored to different lighting conditions and user preferences.

Automatic theme detection

By default, FineBits is equipped with an intelligent feature that automatically detects the theme setting of your device. Whether you prefer the brightness of the light theme or the sleek, subdued comfort of the dark theme, FineBits will seamlessly adopt the same theme as your device, ensuring a consistent and smooth visual experience.

Manual theme switching

For those who desire more control over their viewing experience, FineBits provides a manual theme switcher. This switcher can be found subtly located at the footer of every page. With a simple toggle, you can effortlessly switch between the light and dark themes according to your preference.

Once you make a selection using the theme switcher, FineBits remembers your preference. The browser will store this preference and continue applying it across all your browsing sessions, ensuring you always experience FineBits in the theme you love. Should you wish to switch themes again, simply use the theme switcher and your new preference will be saved and applied.

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